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FAQ & Troubleshooting

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FAQ & Troubleshooting


... and why does File Explorer do these things?


Windows Explorer is not perfect and has it's peculiarities and likes to confuse you on occasion.


Sometimes things don't work immediately because Explorer isn't notified for some reason. Try a refresh from the MysticThumbs tray icon context menu and/or use F5 on the desktop.





If thumbnails don't appear immediately after installation please restart Windows for MysticThumbs to take effect.

PSD images saved without the 'Maximize Compatibility' option use the embedded thumbnail image.

SVG requires Internet Explorer 9 installed for maximum support, otherwise an inferior fall back SVG renderer is used.

Very large images not generating thumbnails? Adjust the 'Maximum Size' for that file type in the control panel.

PDF, AI, PS, EPS thumbnails not working? Ensure Ghostscript is installed on your machine.

MysticThumbs can invalidate your file associations with other thumbnail generators. If the cache clear function doesn't work or you find that thumbnails are regenerated for no reason, use Disk Cleanup (from the Start menu) to clear the cache.

If you find Explorer stalling whilst making thumbnails, refresh the window with F5. This should let it continue making thumbnails. If that doesn't work try enabling the "Low process priority" setting in the control panel.

Can MysticThumbs automatically generate / pre-cache thumbnails on my system?

Other FAQ tips are available on-line at our website.


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