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1Only US$44.951 seat.
Single seat for personal, non-profit use only.

One year maintenance, license will run any version built within a year of purchase.
Renew License/Order Renew your license and maintenance.
Custom OrdersTalk with us to tailor a package to suit your business, corporation or educational system.

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License information

1 seat = 1 user on 1 machine.
A license may be installed on as many users devices at once as the license has seats.
For example, a 3 seat license may be installed on 3 devices concurrently, say a desktop, laptop and tablet.
Seats may be removed from a device to free that seat for use on another device.
License transferring
A license 'seat' is tied to a machine's "Hardware ID" and may be transferred as many times as you wish, forever from one machine to another by manually removing from the existing machine and then installing it onto another machine, via the control panel.
If a 'seat' is lost due to a machine being lost or thrown away or crashing without the ability to restore, a license seat can be revoked via the website support page a maximum of 3 times. After 3 revokes using this method the license is no longer able to be installed onto any more different Hardware ID's.

Feature Comparison

 Evaluation  Licensed, within Maintenance period  Licensed, Maintenance expired
14 day evaluation period.Maintenance includes free updates for period chosen when purchasing, minimum one year.Lifetime use of any version built before maintenance expiry.
MysticThumbs icon watermark on thumbnails.Watermark free thumbnails.Watermark free thumbnails.
Evaluation reminders.No reminders.Reminders occasionally about new versions.
Basic technical support.Full technical support.Customer techincal support.

Registering your license key

Follow the steps on in the User Guide to enter your license key.

License Terms

Please see License Terms page for an overview of the MysticThumbs license terms.

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