Licenses and Keys

Request your License Key

Proceed to the License Request page to have your license key emailed to you from your email or order number.

Transfer License Keys to New Machines or Windows Installs

Machine broken or replaced? Reinstalled Forgot to remove your license key? Recycled some old computers without first removing MysticThumbs?
Reinstalled Windows and MysticThumbs is not accepting your license key?
Revoke old machines and release seats on your license key here.


MysticThumbs User Guide

General Support

Online support form

Please review the above options first as your request may be covered elsewhere on the web site, User Guide, and FAQ before sending support requests.

Emails sent directly to the company, without using the official online form, will be auto-replied.

Support requests are usually answered within three (3) working days.

Install, Uninstall or Update problems?

If you receive an error installing, uninstalling or updating MysticThumbs, please follow the instructions here for possible fixes.


If you have been satisfied with customer service and support or would like to help fund development of existing or future products, you can make a donation through PayPal using this button. A lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into our software and donations are very welcome.