About the author and company

Ian Masters
(beard and glasses not always included)

Started coding in my early teens, Apple II, BBC micro and moving on to Amiga where it moved from a hobby to a profession. MysticCoder was created around 2011 after working on the initial version of MysticThumbs.
Over a decade has passed since then and MysticThumbs has gone from strength to strength and attracted a significant audience and user base.
A few other products and games have also been created along the way, however MysticThumbs remains the core focus.
There have been a few other people involved from time to time, however for the most part I am the sole owner/operator working on all areas of the business, design, coding, artwork, website development, database, support, financials and so on.
User support is a high priority and I do my best to accomodate bug and feature requests as well as producing a fast turn-around within reason.

Some history

MysticCoder MysticCoder (Brisbane, Australia)
  • MysticThumbs- Probably why you're looking at this
  • MysticMon - Windows multi-monitor controller
  • Giza Pyramid Solitaire - iOS game
  • Unity - mostly prototyping
Crytek Crytek (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Crysis 2 team member
  • Daily core team meeting member
  • PS3 and Xbox 360 load/save system engineer
  • Audio and music system
Sidhe Sidhe (Wellington, New Zealand)
  • Speed Racer PS2
  • - AI programmer
  • - Senior programmer
  • - PS2 port lead & graphics programmer
  • Star Wars™ Clone Wars Republic Heroes
  • - PSP port lead & graphics programmer
Fuzzy Eyes Studio (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Hot Dog King (aka HotDog HotGals)
  • - Lead programmer / Tech director
THQ Studio Australia THQ Studio Australia (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Jimmy Neutron - Attack of the Twonkies, PS2
  • - Editor engineer
  • - Graphics optimization - RenderWare PS2 and Xbox
Sydac Sydac (Adelaide, Australia)
  • Graphic and Systems programmer on SGI Onyx and multi node PC architectures
  • Public trains and military missile defence systems.
Aristocrat Aristocrat (Sydney, Australia)
  • 3D graphics research
Wark / Peak Publishing (Hobart, Australia)
  • Founding engineer / programmer
  • Developed 3D systems for Nintendo 64 and leading up to the creation of ViewBuild in the late 90's
autech Autech Research (Hobart & Launceston, Australia)
  • Founder and core engineer / programmer
  • ViewBuild Creator - 3D Home creator/visualizer late 90's
  • ColourBox Home visualizer
  • 🏆 1994 BHP Temco Tasmanian Science & Technology Young Achiever of the Year Award