License key / Hardware ID revoking

You can use this tool to revoke computers/machines you are unable to access any more.
This is NOT a replacement for removing your key manually from the control panel.
There is a limit to how many times this can be done.

How it works

  • If possible use the 'Remove license key' tool in the control panel to unlock the license manually, allowing you to float your license between computers.
  • The current bound 'Hardware ID(s) are revoked and will not be available for use again unless you have got a free seat available and it was the last ID revoked.
  • There are currently a maximum of 3 unique hardware ID's allowed to be revoked on each license key so use the control panel to remove the license instead if possible.

Revoking Hardware IDs from a 'multi-seat' license

  • Enter the Hardware IDs of the known machines that you need to keep in the Keep Hardware IDs field.
  • All other Hardware IDs will be revoked and no longer usable for this license key in the future.

Enter your license details

Order Number AND Registered Email
Hardware ID revoking
Keep Hardware IDs
These ID's will be kept.
All others will be revoked.