License Terms


Each license 'seat' can be active on a single machine at any one time. Licenses are 'floating' and are tracked by our internet license server and can be registered/unregistered via the control panel at any time for the purposes of moving between different machines.

You (individual or company) can use the program in a home, business, academic, or government environment. You may use the program on the allotted amount of seats assigned to the license. Each license seat is assigned to a machine hardware ID. The license key will be assigned to the business name provided at the time of purchase and will reflect the total number of license seats purchased.

All licenses are non-transferable. A person or a company registered as a license user is assumed to be the owner of the license. Once issued, the license may not be transferred to another user / business or re-registered to another username.

Seat allocation and deallocation:

Each seat is assigned as required using the control panel registration box.
An internet connection is required
for contacting the license server online, please update firewall preferences as appriopriate to allow the control panel internet access when allocating/deallocating your license key seats.

Seats must be manually removed when no longer required (also from the control panel) on a machine so that the seat is returned to a free state.

For single seat licenses, if freeing the seat is forgotten before upgrading a machine or reinstalling windows and receiving a different Hardware ID, then the old seat/Hardware ID combination may be revoked using the support page, however this may be done a maximum of two times or a new license will need to be purchased.

For multi-seat licenses this process can be done for a maximum of two seats but you must be able to supply the Hardware IDs of either the old machines or the Hardware IDs of all remaining seats in use, otherwise a new license will need to be purchased.


Refunds are not given for:

Check the forums, FAQ and User Guide for assistance.

More Information:

Can be found in the EULA accompanying the application / install.