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Tray Application

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 Notification Area (Tray) Application


This application serves a number of key services:


QuickView - for instant file checking or when associating MysticThumbs as the default "Open With..." application to file types.

Automatic update checking, if enabled in the control panel.

Synchronization of the Shell and Control Panel.

Convenient launching of the Control Panel by double clicking.

Provides a Jump List on Windows 7 and later with recent & frequent files and useful tasks when open or pinned to the task bar.


You can drag tray icons around to reorder them in the notification area. Windows will remember their last position on successive launches.




Context Menu


Single Left or Right click on the notification icon to open the context menu.




 Control Panel - Shortcut to open the control panel so you can adjust settings.


 Refresh Explorer - Sends a system wide refresh to Explorer so it checks file associations and settings changes that may have been changed but unnoticed and refreshes thumbnails and windows as required.


 Restart Explorer - Can be a useful function to restart Explorer if it has become stuck or locked in some way.


 Clear thumbnail cache - (Windows Vista and newer) Clears the thumbnail cache and refreshes Explorer. All thumbnails will be rebuilt when required by Explorer.

Hold Shift key when selecting to refresh the icon cache instead.

Hold Control and Shift when selecting to refresh the icon cache and clear the thumbnail cache.


 Register - Opens the control panel registration page so you can enter your license key. This option is removed if you have a valid license key installed.


 Install Update... - If a new update is available to be downloaded this option allows you to download and install it. You will be shown what changes have been made in all versions since your installed version.


 Hide Icon - This option hides the icon from the notification area but keeps the application running. It can be shown again from the control panel.





Jump List (Windows 7 and newer)


Whilst any view windows or the control panel is open the task bar will contain the MysticThumbs icon that you can access the jump list.



You can pin the application to the task bar for access when no view windows are open. It is recommended to pin when only the control panel is open so you can simply left click the task bar icon to open the control panel.





Recent and Frequent


These lists will contain the most recent and frequently opened files that MysticThumbs has viewed.





 Clear History - Removes all Recent and Frequent files in the jump list.


 Clear thumbnail cache - Clears the thumbnail cache


 Launch control panel - Launches the control panel


 Register MysticThumbs - Opens the control panel registration page. Hidden if a valid license is installed.




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