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Clear Cache



The thumbnail and icon caches are kept and maintained by Windows. MysticThumbs only generates required thumbnails or icons when Windows needs them, either if a supported (and enabled) file either does not already have one, or if the file is changed and requires a new one.


The thumbnail and icon caches can become corrupt or otherwise unstable. This is a long standing Windows problem and is unavoidable.


Fortunately, if you experience problems with the thumbnail cache in particular, you can use these functions to tell Windows to rebuild them, which should correct the problem(s).


Clear thumbnail cache

Clear the thumbnail cache only. Thumbnails will be rebuilt immediately if they are open in Explorer windows or next time they are displayed.


Refresh icon cache

Clears the icon cache (small icons). Icons will be rebuilt when required.


Thumbnail and Icon cache

Both thumbnail and icon caches are refreshed.



Cancel without doing anything. Using the dialog box close button does the same thing.


Remove overrides

If this checkbox is enabled, then all thumbnail overrides made by using the File Explorer Thumbnail context menus are also removed, restoring files back to their default state in the control panel.


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