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Choose Icon


This dialog is used for a number of purposes to select an icon from a file.


 The dialog can be resized.

 The dialog size, position and icon size are saved and restored next time it is opened.



Shows the icons available in the currently selected file.



Click to select an icon.

Double click to choose and accept an icon and close the dialog.

Icon Size

Switch between medium and large icons.



Copy the file path and icon index to the clipboard.



If you want to use the same icon for another file extension for example, you can copy the current selection to the clipboard, close the window, select the new file format/extension and then open the dialog again and paste.


Paste a copied file/icon from the clipboard.



If you have copied a file/icon path to the clipboard, pasting will restore that selection so you can quickly transfer the same icon between different file extensions for example.


Opens a file selection dialog to select a new file that contains icons.



 Supported file types are .exe .dll and .ico


Shows the currently selected file containing icons.



Accept the icon selection.



 You can also double click an icon to choose and accept.

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