Rite of Magick - a game of mystery, adventure and exploration of the mind.

Check out some game play (testing) footage

Discover a video game of alchemy, in a world of magic and mystery. Feel your intuition deepen, follow the clues, discover the keys and unlock YOUR journey.

Designed principally on Egyptian and Kabbalistic magic. Rite of Magick is to video games as tarot is to books.

No two games are alike. Your journey depends on you. How you think and react guides the game.

Colorful, exciting, and mysterious challenges await. Rite of Magick is a game for the new epoch of 2012 and beyond.

About the Game

There are ten degrees in Rite of Magick. Each degree consists of twelve levels.

As you advance through each degree you climb the magical Tree of Life, a Kabbalistic system of interconnected symbolism, and complete your attainment pyramid.

Progressing through the degrees depending on your skill and focus, you will collect many keys which will unlock your path on the Tree, and define your progress through the game.

No game will ever be the same, as you unlock the secrets and return the keys of harmony to the sacred Temple Sanctum, you wind your way up through the Tree and complete your pyramid.

Game Outline

The game is divided into two distinct parts: the Temple and the Realms.

The TempleThe Temple is where the player begins the game; a first person world comprised of ten main rooms and twenty two paths that connect the rooms. Each of these rooms contains a number of puzzles and clues that the player can decipher and unlock in order to proceed through the game. Some are easy and some are very difficult to solve. In order to unlock the deeper, harder parts of the temple, more devious puzzles must be solved.

The TempleIn order to complete the puzzles that comprise the Temple and progress through the game the player must enter and play the Realms of which there are ten main levels, or degrees, that correspond to the Temple rooms.
The Realms are comprised of “Atoms” that represent physical and mystical principles, notably the four elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The player mixes the elements to create molecules which in turn harmonize the Realm. Each realm requires a set amount of atoms to be harmonized.
Simply harmonizing the elements is not enough to proceed through the temple however, so bonuses and keys are also created at times.

Unlocking the temple

When harmonizing the Realms, various keys are created, depending how the player works the realm. These keys are essential for completing the game and must be collected and returned to the Temple. There are many different keys throughout the game and they all have different methods and degrees of difficulty to collect. The keys include: the western Zodiac (Aries, Taurus, and Gemini etc.), the elemental weapons (Wand, Cup, Sword and Pantacle), Rune stones, Egyptian gods, the Planets of the Solar System and the ancient Tarot. There are also various other puzzles and items that the player must manipulate in order to accomplish alchemical tasks such as working with spells and gemstones.

The principal unique game element is that there is no set method to approach the game; you can decide for yourself how and what you wish to do, what you focus on, what you collect and how you go about it. The games' puzzles are designed around a system of magic called Kabbalah that ties everything together in a very intricate way.

This game is completely freeform. All rules, actions and reactions are constructed within the constructs of Kabbalah. No game will ever be the same and each path taken will be unique, depending on your mood, focus and temperament at the time you play.

Designed to respond to your energy.

Technical Outline

The game was written between the year 2000 and somewhere towards 2010.
The entire engine, running on Windows, was made from scratch by me, including all game code & shaders.
The graphics used DirectX 9 which was limited to shader model 3 and still emerging pixel shader technology at the time.
The shaders for the time were cutting edge with displacement mapping, fast blurred SSAO displacement mapped ambient occlusion and various other emerging techniques.
The game concept, ideas and construct are original using many magical systems of Egyptian, Kabbalistic, Astrology, Runic and other magic systems.

Rite of Magick - a work in progress.