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Registering your License Key

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 Quick steps to register your License Key



 Receiving your license key email - be sure your email client spam filter allows email from for all of our emails, check your spam or junk mail folders and allow emails from us or our e-commerce sites (


 An Internet connection is required to register and communicate with the online server.


 MysticThumbs uses signed SSL communication at all times. Firewall must be open for the control panel to communicate with on port 443. You should see a padlock in the web browser when viewing the web site.


 Be sure to allow firewall access when asked when entering your key. You can block access again after successfully entering your key if you wish, however automatic updates may not work if the firewall blocks the control panel application.


 Launch the Control Panel


 Open the Registration Dialog


 Press 'Register License Key'


Copy and Paste the license key you received in your email and press OK.


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