Version History

Important information about build dates
The build dates given are UTC time, not local time.

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is used to determine build eligibility against license keys.
License keys maintenance is determined by 365 UTC days elapsed from date rounded down to the day of purchase.

Important notice about this version
new: New feature
fix: Fixed bug
opt: Optimized feature or tweak

Work In Progress
  • Nothing here

Build Date

  • Important Note: Read carefully and pay attention before installing this build - see previous build.
  • fix: Start / resume tutorial in the control panel not triggering.

  • Important Note: Read carefully and pay attention before installing this build.
    This build is a very large change, incorporating a lot of re-coding and internal engine redesign.
    Whilst all effort has been taken to prevent introducing bugs, some functions may misbehave, crash or otherwise act strangely due to unforseen circumstances.
    Please consider this build a Beta and install at your own risk or if you are happy to test the build until stability is soldidly discerned and reported here.
    If problems should arise, uninstall the program and reinstall the previous version for your maintenance. For bug, consider filing a bug report via the contact web page.
    Please report problems and bugs via our online bug report form so we can fine tune it together in quick time.
  • Vista with Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Platform Update for Vista or newer required for this and following builds.
  • opt: GPU performance overhaul for thumbnails and QuickView.
  • new: Cinema 4D support. Embedded thumbnail only.
  • new: Added 'Apply changes to file' option in QuickView. When enabled changes are made as overrides to the current file being viewed.
  • new: Gamma correction adjustment available in QuickView via context menu. Combined with 'Apply changes to file' option allows for per file gamma correction.
  • new: QuickView context menu now allows you to restore states to the control panel state if changed, same as the Explorer context menu.
  • new: Added support for some Pulse Signature Embroidery files (embedded thumbnails only).
  • new: QuickView context menu functions for increasing and decreasing checkerboard size. Also mapped to keyboard + and - keys, Shift key increases and decreases faster.
  • opt: Improved handling of some file types, WMF, SVG, EXR, Cursor, Archive
  • opt: Changed QuickView color inspector / window title into RGBA format instead of ARGB for more natural recognition.
  • opt: Using unicode characters in tooltips for Ctrl / Shift / Alt keys.
  • opt: Updated help / user guide.
  • opt: Improved layout of update window.
  • opt: Reduced size of product maintenance warning icon in the control panel so it's not so 'in your face'.
  • opt: Rewrote control panel controls to draw with Direct2D instead of GDI+ for better visuals and performance.
  • opt: Memory management optimized for cleaner startup/showdown within Explorer.
  • opt: DirectX DDS textures are now loaded by WIC for performance and accuracy where possible and supported.
  • opt: QuickView context menus show relevant accelerator keys.
  • opt: Performance improvement: Removed loading/unloading Ghostscript when not required.
  • opt: Redundant keyboard tab stops removed from appearance and performance groups in control panel.
  • opt: Improved QuickView context menu spacing on Windows 10.
  • opt: Removed Icon file type as it doesn't play well with Windows and is essentially useless to handle.
  • opt: Deprecated 'extension associate' function from Vista & Win7 to bring functionality in line with Win8+ version.
  • fix: Xara files not working. Xara currently shows only the first layer thumbnail.
  • fix: QuickView sizing could go haywire.
  • fix: Transparency RGBA values in QuickView are correct regardless of transparency mode.
  • fix: Premultiply mode was not working as expected with some formats and QuickView.
  • fix: Clicking on an 'Update now' web link in the update window did not open the update web page.
  • fix: Errors with some EPUB files.
  • fix: Opening control panel from QuickView to correct file format/extension.
  • fix: Control panel not closing because of generated thread not being event triggered to close.
  • fix: Small icons not being generated on HiDPI displays.
  • fix: Crash with PVR textures.
  • fix: PVR textures could crash properties, crash Explorer and make people unhappy.
  • fix: Memory leaks in control panel credits.
  • fix: Tooltip for override icon.
  • fix: Choose icon overlay dialog not accepting changes.
  • fix: Control panel showing indeterminate state for adornment incorrectly.
  • fix: Re-implemented Gamma correction. Now works for all files.
  • fix: HTML documents over UNC (\\...) network paths did not work.
  • fix: Issue not unregistering Hardware ID when removing license key.
  • fix: Scale up icon state could be incorrect on control panel start.
  • fix: Direction of page up/page down keys paging with gamma and performance sliders in control panel was topsy-turvy.
  • fix: Many memory leaks with icons fixed.

  • new: Hold [Alt] key when choosing tray icon->Restart Explorer to cause a 5 second delay between closing Explorer processes and restarting them. This can be useful for example, for programmers who need a few seconds for a quick re-link of a project to keep Explorer from keeping a lock on files / images.
  • opt: Changing global options in the control panel, including language, are now immediate and don't require an 'Apply'.
  • opt: RAW images using 'thumbnail is larger' mode only us the embedded image when it is a jpeg or bitmap.
  • fix: Pressing OK in the choose icon dialog box didn't close the dialog.
  • fix: Spurious / unclear error messages when failing to enter a license key.

  • New product keys purchased from this date MUST be installed on this or newer versions.
  • opt: Windows 10 Anniversary Edition 1607 compatibility build.
  • opt: Compiling against Windows 10 1607 SDK for compatibility.
  • opt: Improved licensing system integrated using product keys. License renewals now use the original product key if it exists for more streamlined license management.
  • opt: Camera RAW files are now handled with Windows Imaging Component (WIC) codecs if supported for greatly improved performance and compatibility. If you have dedicated WIC codecs installed they are used to create the image to be thumbnailed.
  • fix: Possible control panel crash when closing.
  • fix: Pressing OK in the choose icon dialog box didn't close the dialog.
  • opt: Some interface fixes for HiDPI displays.
  • opt: Ghostscript updated to v9.20.
  • opt: Translations updated.

  • fix: QuickView shows actual image dimensions for Photoshop images instead of embedded thumbnail dimensions when viewing an embedded thumbnail.
  • fix: GhostScript installer locations fixed and updated to version 9.19.

  • new: Added Krita (.kra / .ora) file format.
  • opt: Attempt to correct sub-file (archive) aspect ratios.
  • fix: Error with Explorer when opening archives containing text/html/xml files.
  • fix: QuickView wav files crashed QuickView / notification app.
  • opt: QuickView default window scales according to system DPI settings.
  • fix: Update window was half off screen when updating from the notification app.
  • opt: QuickView now always opens in "Scale to fit" mode.
  • fix: Correctly removing warning icon when installing a license key.
  • opt: Dutch translations.

  • opt: Windows 10: Removed context menu icon edge and blend for better clarity.
  • opt: German translations.

  • fix: Regression in 4.0.6 - context menu items not highlighted when appropriate.
  • fix: Small icons losing aspect ratio when non-square.
  • opt: No longer force embedded thumbnails for small icons. This may cause list/details view to load more slowly.
  • opt: Attempts to fix issues with QuickView space key and some applications. This may or may not fix current problems. Please report any issues still remaining including application/game info to web support.
  • opt: Opening control panel from the shell context menu will select apply to extension mode for the chosen file extension ready for editing.
  • opt: Removal of double separator bars on some context menus.
  • opt: Context menu highlight drawing on Windows 10.

  • fix: Attempts to fix some users getting control panel crashes after updating.
  • opt: Changed keyboard monitoring method to avoid QuickView not working when other apps would not forward hooks correctly.
  • opt: Improved layout of context menus for better clarity and accessibility.
  • opt: Removed low process priority option redundancy.
  • opt: Spanish translations updated.

  • Updating? cancel, download and install manually if update sticks at 100%.
  • new: Reset thumbnails generated by [ctrl] click on thumbnails generated / license status link in Control Panel.
  • new: Added a 'Show in Explorer' context menu item in QuickView.
  • fix: Update task not completing on 100% downloaded. Unfortunately, this fix will only affect updates from this version, so users of recent versions may have to download and install manually to update.

  • Users of version 4.0.4 and below may experience update getting stuck at 100%. If this happens to you cancel the update and download and install manually. Apologies for this issue, it will be fixed in v4.0.5.
  • new: Hold [ctrl] key and press undo in control panel to load all default states for the control panel, file formats and to remove all file overrides.
  • opt: Improved Adobe Illustrator and PostScript images for both thumbnails and QuickView.
  • opt: Revamped QuickView launching.
  • fix: Update and Download progress dialog boxes centering correctly (not top left).
  • fix: Help system fixes. Context help and opening user guide links corrected.
  • fix: Control panel crash due to erroneous saved selection states.
  • opt: Bumped GhostScript install to 9.18.

  • opt: Crash report emails include version build version and revision.
  • opt: Improved crash report emails to better support Unicode systems.
  • opt: Updated Spanish translation.
  • opt: Control panel house cleaning.

  • opt: Improved Corel Draw .cdr support.
  • opt: Choose Icon dialog box clean up.
  • opt: Small icons enabled by default.
  • opt: Disabling of embedded thumb option for file types that don't support them for greater clarity.
  • opt: Improved .txt file detection of unicode and non-unicode text.
  • fix: Indeterminate file format enable tooltip.
  • fix: Icon override control panel options are more logical.

  • fix: Windows 10 and 8 issues with user choice open with app being reset back to defaults, especially with Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 Threashold 2 update.
  • opt: Dutch translation updated.
  • opt: Minor bug fixes and clean up.

  • opt: Polish everywhere! High DPI support. Enjoy the new look MysticThumbs 4!
  • opt: Improved security.
  • new: Hold control key when pressing Apply in control panel refreshes all open Explorer content thumbnails respecting all settings including folder recursion option. This is useful for quickly previewing different states for folder views.
  • new: Hold control key down whilst pressing control panel apply button to refresh all open Explorer windows thumbnails after applying changes.
  • new: Mobi file format added as mobi eBook.
  • opt: eBook format renamed to epub eBook.
  • new: When converting images to other formats via the context menu you now have an "overwrite all, yes, no, cancel" option.
  • opt: When running a newer version not supported by a license, thumbnails show an unsupported version thumbnail.
  • opt: SVG had some issues rendering.
  • opt: Notification icon menu was not translated correctly.
  • opt: Improved icon override options.
  • opt: Replaced checkbox buttons with multi-state icon buttons for better functional clarity.
  • fix: Fixed refresh timing of animated logo when ie. dragging a window over the control panel.
  • opt: Changed style option buttons from combo boxes to cycle push buttons.
  • opt: Tooltips improved for control panel button states.
  • opt: QuickView is now invoked by pressing only the space key, not ctrl+space.
  • opt: Improvements to plugin dialog.
  • opt: Help button consolidation, Press ctrl key when pressing help button to enter context help mode.
  • opt: Clicking on the build number link in the control panel takes you to the version history web page for your build version.
  • new: Twitter icon on control panel. Follow @mysticthumbs to receive important news and information about the product.
  • new: Hindi language translations. Note: these and many other translations are automatic machine translations and could do with a proper translation. If you would like to contribute a language translation please contact us on our contact page. You will receive a mention in the credits and a proper translation in your favorite app!
  • opt: Not losing keyboard focus after applying changes in control panel.
  • fix: Max size and Gamma sliders when cancelled were indicating a change was made.
  • opt: Clear cache dialog default / tab key order.
  • new: Undo unsaved changes button in control panel.
  • opt: Improved tab order on some dialogs.
  • opt: Choose icon dialog visuals cleaned up.
  • fix: Some incorrect icons (eg. plugins dialog).
  • fix: Sometimes pinned state would be lost.
  • fix: Remove overridden overlay icon enabled state.
  • opt: Down sampling images on Windows 10 with smooth sampling produces a better image.
  • fix: Deselecting any control in the control panel keeps focus for keyboard input.
  • fix: Convert to file format function could leave incorrect top left pixel.

  • new: Facebook button on control panel. Please like us to help grow the community and develop useful discussion!
  • new: Balloon tip for control panel F1 help.
  • fix: Remove icon override button was not enabled unless global icon overlay was enabled.
  • opt: Setup skips license key dialog if there is already a license key installed.
  • opt: Clicking control panel background unfocuses active control.
  • opt: Control panel functions that rely on an internet connection are disabled if no internet connection is available.
  • opt: Hovering over version in control panel shows version/build number.
  • opt: Dutch translation.

  • opt: License reminders are less obtrusive, coming from balloon tips.
  • fix: Some Corel Draw files would not thumbnail.
  • fix: Some SVG files units were not translated into correct image size correctly causing incorrect thumbnails and previews.
  • fix: Now able to toggle icon override section when global icon overlay is disabled.
  • new: Ukrainian language.
  • fix: Correctly reflect seat count after entering a license key.
  • opt: more english language flags.
  • opt: Translations.
  • opt: Updated credits.
  • opt: Upon entering a license in use, you can now open the web site to try to transfer your license.
  • opt: Change license button in registration dialog is now always green to avoid confusion on it's purpose.

  • fix: Regression in 3.4.0 extracting small icons asyncronously may cause slow down.
  • fix: DDS files may cause crash extracting thumbnails.

  • Windows 10 compatibility release.
  • Context menus in Windows 10 Explorer are using a custom draw radio button state in Windows 10, due to an apparent regression in the OS.
  • new: Hardware ID can now be fetched from the registry if required for support.
  • fix: Windows 8 and 10 enhanced support for PNG and Metro icons where they might use checkerboard backgrounds. Existing users with Windows 8 or 10 may need to clear the thumbnail cache and reboot if they have incorrect Metro icons.
  • fix: Notification tray icon global option reflects the state when control panel is opened.
  • fix: Icon override buttons enabled based on global icon overlay option.
  • fix: Embedded thumbnail control panel option state bug.
  • fix: Now able to adjust embedded thumbs control panel option when adjusting all formats.
  • fix: Minimize control panel is replaced by context help (F1) ? button.
  • fix: Some PSD files not opening when reserved header info had data.
  • opt: PNG, JPEG and GIF file types are now disabled by default so they use the default system thumbnail system. If you want MysticThumbs features to apply to them you have to manually enable them in the control panel.
  • opt: Security enhancements.
  • opt: Description and translation enhancements for some dialog boxes.
  • opt: Enhanced small icon creation.
  • opt: updated Hardware ID to be more resilient of reinstalling Windows.
  • opt: Dutch translations.

  • opt: Security enhancements.
  • opt: Description and translation enhancements for some dialog boxes.

  • opt: Some minor tweaks to various functional items and descriptions.

  • fix: RAW files sometimes locked and unable to move/delete due to property info.

  • You may have to update manually by downloading and installing from the main page.
  • fix: Bug starting installer process when updating the app. Unfortunately this will not fix previous versions from failing an update. Updating new versions after this release should now work.

  • new: Shell context menu now shows which options are enabled for selected files.
  • opt: Fixed local help showing evaluation license note.
  • opt: Various minor bug fixes and tweaks.

  • fix: QuickView - Removed old DIB format from copy to clipboard function as it broke some ability to paste to certain applications such as Photoshop. DDB, DIBV5 and PNG are pasted to the clipboard for a broad range of compatibility with other applications.
  • fix: QuickView - Color picking had some issues.
  • fix: QuickView - no longer increments thumbnails generated count in the control panel.
  • opt: QuickView - for semi-transparent images, Opaque mode renders over black, Transparent renders over white.
  • opt: QuickView - Moved Edit (open in associated Application) context menu item to after Copy.

  • new: QuickView can now be pinned 'Always on top' using its context menu.
  • new: Windows Icon (ICO) support.
  • new: Windows Cursor (CUR) support.
  • new: Windows Animated Cursor (ANI) support. Animation is shown as a boxed set of all frames.
  • new: CRS Cursor set format.
  • fix: Changing options in QuickView context menu may not correctly effect the image.
  • fix: Error processing updates.
  • opt: QuickView improvements.
  • opt: PNG under Windows 8 should now support all options. Previous function was to ignore transparency settings due to Metro using thumbnails.
  • opt: Open commands sent to the control panel associated with a file will focus to the relevant file extension of the sending file.
  • opt: Memory leaks and performance issues.
  • opt: RAW files are now loaded with existing supported WIC codecs if they exist. Performance improvement.
  • opt: RAW files should rotate to the correct orientation.
  • opt: Some translations updated.

  • new: Open in app menu item in QuickView.
  • fix: Control panel frame sometimes disappearing.
  • opt: Can now minimize control panel.

  • fix: Control panel eating CPU for no reason.
  • opt: Attempt to fix update dialog positioning when using multiple monitors.

  • new: Google WebP support.
  • opt: Dutch translations.
  • opt: Installer touchup.
  • opt: Minor bugs and cleanup.

  • fix: Occasional lockup registering or unregistering license keys.
  • opt: Some minor bugs and cleanup.

  • opt: Many improvements to the overall UX.
  • new: Option to register license key when installing and unregistering license when uninstalling.
  • fix: Some tooltips not displaying in various control panel dialog boxes.
  • fix: Enable file icon overlay issues.
  • opt: Admin rights required to add/remove site licenses.
  • opt: Darkening when selecting a movable control panel control improved.

  • fix: Possible crash when removing a license key.
  • opt: Dutch translations.

  • fix: Possible crash closing control panel.
  • opt: Reinstalling Windows should now not change the machine Hardware ID for registration.

  • new: Convert to ICO icon file context menu.
  • fix: Explorer context menu items were not disabled with the global control panel option.
  • fix: Fixed minor registration interface glitches.
  • opt: MysticThumbs global icons updated to be more consistent.
  • opt: Translations updated.
  • opt: Help updated to reflect recent changes.

  • fix: QuickView now requires Control+Spacebar to activate as using Spacebar only would cause issues when renaming files with a space character. Unfortunately there is no current known work-around for this problem other than to use a combination hotkey.
  • fix: QuickView now works on the desktop.
  • opt: Improved QuickView icon in Explorer context menu and the control panel as well as text and descriptions.
  • opt: german translation tweaks.

  • Fix: Improved QuickView keyboard hooks. Some applications did not register the Space Bar.
  • Fix: Fixed some errors in translation strings.
  • Opt: Updated Web and Application documentation and help.

  • New: QuickView can be called by pressing the Spacebar to view the active file (like on Mac OS X). Use Left/Right or Up/Down arrow keys to move forward/back through files in the same folder.
  • New: Offline activation is now available by contacting support
  • Fix: Control panel 'Embedded thumbnail' was sometimes not synced correctly with the file format/extension.
  • Opt: Restoring of QuickView window position.
  • Opt: QuickView size & position tries to stay within user bounds and scale whilst open.
  • Opt: Slight change to License EULA.
  • Opt: Help can be located on line on the MysticThumbs User Guide

  • New: If the Explorer option "Always show icons, never thumbnails" is enabled when the control panel is opened, you are asked if you want to disable it and activate thumbnail views.
  • Opt: Updated GhostScript installer to install version 9.10 for improved performance of Postscript thumbnailing (PSD/AI/EPS etc.) Recommend existing users download and update here (
  • Opt: Various tweaks and bug fixes.

  • Fix: OpenEXR files did not apply gamma settings correctly.
  • Opt: Keyboard input on gamma slider moves by 0.01 for more accurate settings.
  • Opt: Updates to version checking.
  • Opt: Various bug fixes.
  • Edit: 20/11/13: Rebuilt to support Windows 8.1 x86. Re-download installer and run again for Win 8.1 x86

  • New: Convert to PNG or TIFF context menu options. Useful tool for converting supported & enabled files to these generic formats.
  • Opt: Dutch translations.
  • Opt: Support email using UTF8 for unicode language support.
  • Opt: Various bug fixes.

  • fix: Crash selecting gamma or file size limit control panel controls.
  • fix: Pressing enter on file format did not activate that file format.
  • fix: Help was missing some images.
  • opt: Added license/ evaluation status to email support form.
  • opt: Tooltip for proxy settings.

  • This and future versions do NOT support Windows XP.
  • fix: Targa 32 bit colormapped image corruption.
  • fix: Update install spawning off screen (won't be noticable until updating from this version).
  • fix: Minor bug fixes.
  • opt: Updated software license and EULA.
  • opt: Renewed software signing.
  • opt: Compiling with VS2012, may affect performance.

  • This is the last version that supports Windows XP.
  • fix: Expired licenses would show a watermark on thumbnails.
  • opt: Support for Windows 8 image transforms.

  • fix: Potential incorrect evaluation time check and warning display.
  • new: .wav sound support for 8,16,24,32 integer and 32,64 bit floating point PCM and ADPCM. Sounds display as a waveform.

  • fix: Crash with very large Photoshop images. Recommend users set the maximum dimension slider setting to help improve performance for images beyond 10000x10000 pixels regardless.
  • fix: Support request attachments could be not sent.
  • fix: Could not operate correctly or at all for non administrator users.
  • opt: Slight decoding performance improvement.
  • opt: Register key in context menu shows correct state for expired licenses.
  • opt: Removed viewer association option from control panel on Windows 8.
  • opt: Email support queries are sent as UTF-7 to preserve encoding over MAPI.

  • fix: Windows 8 - images thumbnails would not be cached and thus recreated.

  • fix: Update dialog would stick at 100% and require cancelling to continue. Note that updating to this version will require cancel to be pressed when update gets to 100%.

  • This version still shows v3.0.2
  • If the update sticks at 100% cancel it and the update should proceed normally.
  • fix: Spurious message on initialization in v3.0.2.
  • fix: Update dialog would stick at 100% and require cancelling to continue. Note that updating to this version will require cancel to be pressed when update gets to 100%.
  • This version contains a spurious message that will cause issues. Do not use.
  • fix: Windows 8 Modern UI (Metro) active tiles not displaying correctly.

  • new: Internet proxy settings.
  • new: Viewer supports cycling between images in the current folder with left/right arrow keys.
  • fix: PSD CMYK+transparency did not account for transparency.
  • fix: Resizing viewer window would place image outside of centre.
  • opt: Context menu in viewer aligned to top left.

  • Licenses older than a year will not support this version. A new license must be purchased.
  • new: Windows 8 support.
  • new: An internet connection is now required to register license keys.
  • new: Support for old TVPaint / Aura images (.aur) as part of the Amiga file type.
  • new: Image viewer shows color under cursor in RGB and Web formats.
  • fix: Plugin example was not up to date with current interface.
  • fix: Potential crash in license dialog.
  • fix: Updates would sometimes not initialize correctly.
  • fix: If an update was cancelled or failed it would not download again.
  • fix: Control panel locking up when opening support query.
  • fix: Dark checkerboard icon not showing on some displays.
  • fix: Corrected transparent icon rendering in menus.
  • fix: Crash when attempting to retrieve icon from some applications.
  • opt: Image viewer window maximize removed.
  • opt: Image viewer window size could be larger than screen when viewing large images. Now resizes to screen dimensions.
  • opt: Update downloading improved.
  • opt: Updates give option to download latest version that license supports, or latest version.
  • opt: Annoy window shown only once a day if trial or license expires.
  • opt: JPEG photo / exif image rotations supported.
  • opt: Translations updated.

-= !!! =-
Versions older than here are not supported in any way.
If you have a license older than this you will need to install the latest version and purchase a new license key to use version 3 or greater.
  • fix: Photoshop BGR stored jpeg thumbnails caused a crash.
  • fix: Some Amiga IFF images did not work with specific chunks.
  • fix: Control panel crash with potentially malformed shell registry settings.
  • opt: More support for Adobe postscript files, specifically V3 Illustrator images.
  • opt: Mouse cursor no longer snaps to slider buttons unless user has "SnapToDefaultButton" system control panel option enabled.
  • opt: Dutch translations updated.
  • fix: Very large Photoshop files could crash Explorer whilst decoding.
  • fix: Premultiplied alpha improvements.
  • opt: Photoshop, Bitmap, Lab, Greyscale, Duotone, Indexed & Multichannel decoding performance improvements.
  • opt: Photoshop decoding memory usage improved.
  • new: Premultiplied alpha transparency options.
  • new: Dark checkerboard transparency option to help distinguish light transparent images.
  • fix: Crash when selecting multiple files and using context menu to open control panel.
  • fix: Icon override checkmark state wasn't reflected correctly under some circumstances.
  • opt: Different icons for scale up enabled/disabled in control panel.
  • opt: Dutch translation updated.
  • new: PowerVR (.pvr) image support.
  • fix: Icons for some file types (jpeg etc.) not chosen from correct path.
  • fix: Potential crashes within plugin modules.
  • fix: Some control panel context help mappings(F1 over a button) didn't work.
  • opt: Some translation tweaks.
  • opt: German translation.
  • opt: Greek translation.
  • opt: Help updated.
  • opt: Apply to option improved for usability and readability.
  • opt: Tri state checkboxes for options when editing in different apply-to modes.
  • opt: Clear thumbnail cache from control panel now allows you to clear the thumbnail cache, icon cache or both.
  • opt: Changing languages did not redraw some controls correctly.
  • fix: Disabling file association to MysticThumbs viewer could fail, causing the viewer to be permanently associated.
  • fix: Potential deadlock when closing down control panel.
  • fix: Property system crashes.
  • fix: Encoding text thumbnails and better code page detection.
  • fix: Crashes in property system when renaming files.
  • fix: Text encoding could get confused and print Asian character sets.
  • fix: PSD 16bpp images saved with RLE compression did not decode fully.
  • fix: Duplicated metadata tags on RAW files.
  • opt: Faster image manipulation.
  • opt: Faster PSD decoding.
  • opt: Cleaner update window.
  • fix: Improved credits rendering compatibility across platforms and remote desktop.
  • fix: Some 8 bit BMP images causing strange artefacts.
  • fix: Flickering rendering in control panel in remote sessions.
  • fix: Support for UTF-16/UCS-2 text encodings.
  • fix: Associating a specific application would break small icon view back to the file icon. If a new application is associated you may have to re-enable small icons for that file extension.
  • fix: Memory leaks.
  • new: About/credits in control panel.
  • fix: Potential crash in property system when dealing with corrupt metadata.
  • fix: Possible lockup/crash dllhost.exe spinning on 100% CPU when unloading surrogate dll.
  • fix: License error and shareware message when loaded into a protected mode application such as Internet Explorer.
  • fix: Installer Register64 entry not found.
  • fix: Potential crash on unload (dllhost.exe)
  • opt: Restart Explorer saves and restores all explorer windows currently open.
  • opt: If tray application is not running and show tray icon is selected apply/ok will start the application.
  • Some users may have licensing issues running this version. If that occurs uninstall and download v2.6.6. This fault is being fixed for the next version.
  • fix: Install/Uninstall error "A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run."
  • fix: Minor patch for XP to prevent control panel from locking up on exit.
  • Some machines may report a failure installing as an update. If this happens downloading and installing manually should work.
  • new: Small icon thumbnails with enable/disable control for each file type/extension. Read the help on this topic before using.
  • new: Amiga IFF ILBM (.iff, .lbm, .ilbm) support including color mapped, gray scale, HAM6, HAM8, EHB 24 & 32 bit modes. Note that .iff extension is mapped to Maya Image still but is still recognized as an Amiga ILBM when necessary.
  • new: Xara format support (embedded thumbnails only). Ensure .xar files are saved with thumbnails to display.
  • new: Adobe Brush (.abr) support.
  • new: Clearing the thumbnail cache allows you to also clear the icon cache. On XP this only clears the icon cache.
  • new: Some more properties added for embedded thumbnail files such as Sketchup.
  • new: Disk cleanup manager hook for deleting small icon cache.
  • new: Recursion option for folder refresh/assigning overrides from context menu. See global options in control panel.
  • new: File type icon removal option on a per extension basis.
  • new: Option to use no file type icon overlay on an extension by extension basis so you don't have to turn them off system wide.
  • new: More (read only) property support for some files (eg. PSD) - rating, id, application name, title, authors, description, tags, copyright.
  • new: Support query email attachments and screenshot capability.
  • new: GDI+ metafile support.
  • fix: Lockup with some corrupt or corrupt images.
  • fix: XP control panel interface cleaned up and now renders buttons correctly.
  • fix: XP control panel and remote desktop logo rendering fixed.
  • fix: SVG rendering on XP improved.
  • fix: Bit depth properties of a few file formats were incorrect.
  • fix: Potential deadlock reading HDR images.
  • fix: Some cases of txt & xml files causing explorer to ask you to open a file should no longer happen.
  • fix: Unable to select first entry in search list.
  • fix: Binding to apply to all formats help.
  • fix: Dialog resource leak.
  • fix: Some icons would display black backgrounds in combo boxes in control panel.
  • fix: Some postscript embedded thumbnails would not work.
  • fix: Properly unregister viewer when uninstalling/updating.
  • fix: Context menu inconsistencies.
  • fix: Old registry settings preventing some options cleaned up.
  • fix: If control panel is off screen when opened it is centred to the closest monitor.
  • fix: PDF embedded thumbnails changed to never by default as embedded thumbnails often don't represent the page.
  • fix: Cleanup of some older registry keys causing issues updating from 2.6.5.
  • fix: Using Copy context menu in the viewer could cause the window frame to resize.
  • opt: Camera RAW files default is now always use embedded thumbnails for performance.
  • opt: Delete network .db files option is now disabled by default.
  • opt: All combo boxes are searchable by typing.
  • opt: Improved EXR parsing.
  • opt: More obvious display of license expiry date.
  • opt: SVG support for systems not running Internet Explorer 9 dropped due to compatibility problems. If you use SVG on non Windows 7 / IE9 systems don't update.
  • opt: Improved performance for context menu and other operations. Faster response times.
  • opt: Typing in the search combobox behaviour improved so you can type an extension to find it.
  • opt: Expired or invalid licenses show a red key icon for clarity.
  • opt: No control panel window darkening effects when running on a remote desktop.
  • opt: Improved reading of RAW thumbnails to prevent potential crashes.
  • opt: Better resolution of file type icons.
  • opt: Updated logo.
  • opt: EXR parsing improved.
  • opt: Multi-image layout files (Maya, ABR) add a border between each image for clarity.
  • opt: Max and Kubotek parsing improved.
  • opt: Registry cleanup improvements.
  • opt: Improved icon fetching speed for file type / application lists.
  • opt: Improved reading of Max and Kubotek files.
  • opt: Removed ellipsis button for choosing an overlay icon. Press the icon to choose a new overlay icon instead.
  • opt: When files are saved thumbnailing could fail in some cases. Attempts are now made to wait for the file to finish saving whilst thumbnailing.
  • opt: When refreshing thumbnails via context menu, the current thumbnail size in the Explorer window is used so immediate thumbnails appear as expected with correct checkerboard size and sharper resolution. All sizes will still be refreshed when subsequently adjusting the thumbnail size.
  • opt: WMF thumbnails are now rendered to a larger size and scaled down to produce a cleaner thumbnail if sampling mode is set to smooth.
  • opt: Some rendering improvements in the control panel.
  • opt: Better support and rendering for text and svg files.
  • opt: Icons for global options in control panel.
  • opt: Support query requires information to be added or mail will not be sent.
  • opt: Copy to clipboard from viewer adds multiple bitmaps including PNG and supports copying transparent images if enabled for pasting into supporting applications such as Outlook.
  • opt: Non-compound images now use isolated process for smoother and more secure Explorer operation.
  • opt: True color embedded thumbnail from XMP metadata support.
  • opt: Text thumbnails render to a document style icon background.
  • opt: Text and XML thumbnails no longer show scrollbars.
  • opt: Faster and better quality image processing whilst generating thumbnails, checkerboard, scaling etc.
  • opt: Faster flattened image extraction from RAW camera images.
  • opt: Opaque setting in viewer now uses a black canvas for better clarity vs. transparent setting which uses white.
  • opt: Improved metafile rendering.
  • opt: Manual support email dialog copies text to the clipboard ready for emailing.
  • opt: File format and extension combo lists drop within dialog only.
  • opt: Dialog titles reflect language.
  • opt: Localized menus load correctly.
  • opt: Improved default application icon extraction for file types.
  • new: All MysticCoder products are now code signed! This gives security and peace of mind for all products and protects against tampering.
  • new: Added tooltip help toggle to control panel.
  • fix: Occasional crash on XP when evaluating.
  • fix: Help links corrected.
  • fix: MysticThumbs lowered the priority of explorer.exe and could sometimes not restore it correctly. Thumbnail extraction now occurs in a separate thread with its own priority.
  • fix: Some memory leaks when asked for unsupported interfaces.
  • fix: Check for updates crashed.
  • opt: Extra low process priority option added for slow machines.
  • opt: Icons added to combo boxes in control panel for file types, extensions.
  • opt: Apply to options are now merged into one option that allows you to apply changes to all extensions or all file formats and extensions. All options are now on a per-extension basis making things clearer and more flexible.
  • opt: Interface update with more user friendly controls and less clutter.
  • opt: Maximum size and gamma controls now have inactive settings to disable.
  • new: Support for Mac JPEG files.
  • new: Option to choose local or web help in control panel.
  • fix: Potential memory overflow crash in some files.
  • fix: Viewer crash when attempting to reload a deleted file.
  • fix: Tooltips for some combo boxes didn't apppear.
  • fix: Spawning control panel under some circumstances didn't do anything.
  • fix: Search by file extension didn't select the correct extension.
  • opt: Faster retrieval of embedded thumbnails from Camera RAW files if they exist and settings are appropriate.
  • opt: Fixed some help links.
  • opt: Made trial thumbnail overlay image slightly transparent for better clarity on trial versions.
  • opt: Removed version from tray notification tooltip so notification preferences remain on new versions.
  • opt: Control panel interface clean up.
  • opt: Removed file extensions from file format selection box for cleaner apppearance since you can search by file extension now.
  • opt: Memory usage in control panel.
  • new: Search for file extension to select format/extension in control panel.
  • new: Windows 7 JumpList support. Pin the viewer to the task bar for added functionality.
  • new: Portuguese language added.
  • new: When using the tray or viewer context menu to open the control panel with one or more selected files with the same extension, the control panel will automatically select the appropriate file format and extension.
  • new: Show/Hide tray icon option in control panel and on tray context menu. Does not close the application, just togggles the icon visibility.
  • new: Control panel option "Always transparent on Desktop" so desktop thumbnails always use transparency for a cleaner desktop display.
  • fix: InDesign fix for .indd files with spurious stale data.
  • fix: Some users could not see InDesign files due to old settings.
  • fix: Viewer asssigned associations are restored when updating, however will not take effect until next version.
  • fix: Changing language in the control panel is reflected correctly in the tray application.
  • opt: Added clear thumbnail cache to tray context menu.
  • opt: Check for updates now button moved to control panel shelf for a cleaner look.
  • opt: Minor memory leak on XP.
  • opt: Different icon to reflect valid installed license.
  • opt: Daily update check now shows a balloon notification from the tray if a new version is available instead of popping up the update window immediately.
  • opt: Removed property / file info support for PDF. It showed 0x0 size and 0 bit depth.
  • opt: Some performance optimizations to camera decoding.
  • opt: More camera formats suppported.
  • fix: Updater could close running applications without prompting.
  • new: XHTML support added to HTML file type.
  • fix: eBook format now uses a heuristic to find the cover image. If no cover image is found the first page is rendered instead.
  • fix: Some SmartCAMcmc PM5 files would not thumbnail or cause a crash.
  • fix: Prevent multiple instances of tray application from opening.
  • fix: Opening multiple files with viewer could cause a long period of the images being set to top.
  • fix: 'Sample default' context menu icon was incorrect.
  • fix: Cleanup of temporary files improved.
  • fix: Some minor crash protection fixes.
  • new: Context sensitive help. Presss F1 over control panel items to get help.
  • new: Added SmartCAMcmc support.
  • fix: Adjusting view window size to account for depth buffer correctly.
  • fix: View context menu positioned correctly when using context menu keyboard key.
  • fix: Close control panel on install.
  • fix: Support for older InDesign .indd files. Specifically CS4.
  • fix: Possible crash bringing up context menu.
  • fix: Choose icon dialog - icon spacing fixed.
  • fix: Thumbnail cache clear settings improved.
  • opt: Installed Ghostscript version listed in support query.
  • opt: Interface update.
  • opt: Postscript files now use embedded thumbnails with no transparency by default.
  • opt: Explorer View context menu now opens files from the tray application. This allows using the tray application as a launcher by pinning it to the taskbar (Windows 7) for previous viewed images and not opening already opened images twice.
  • new: View function detects changes to images and reloads them.
  • new: Press F5 to reload image in view function.
  • new: Animated tray icon when generating thumbnails.
  • new: File type association option so you can use the MT viewer to examine files. Uses the tray application which must be running or it will be launched.
  • new: Control panel remembers its screen position between launches.
  • new: Pin to always on top option for the control panel.
  • fix: Installer requires Administrator rights to launch to ensure any prerequisite installers (Ghostscript) are launched elevated.
  • fix: Changed Ghostscript installer link to SourceForge for a more stable download connection.
  • fix: View function no longer keeps a lock on images, allowing them to be kept open whilst edited in another application.
  • fix: Thumbnails scaled down with nearest sampling selected were near-sampled causing ugly thumbnails. Near sampling is only for scaling up or view function.
  • fix: Explorer lockup on Vista+ trying to read corrupt system files (jpeg etc.)
  • fix: Control panel items correctly updated when switching to another extension of the same file type.
  • fix: Superscript characters (¹²) were not displaying correctly on some languages (eg. Chinese).
  • fix: Incorrect scale when maximizing view window.
  • fix: Context menu still displayed MysticThumbs options for disabled file extensions.
  • fix: Control panel crash when closing plugins window.
  • opt: Archive files now display interior images with default or override transparency correctly.
  • opt: Comic book thumbnails are now transparent by default.
  • opt: Some control panel design changes.
  • opt: When choosing a new file type override icon, MT will select first the current default icon (if one exists) or the last browsed to path to make it easier to quickly assign icons from the same .dll / icon library.
  • opt: View windows come to foreground more nicely.
  • opt: Stop view wait cursor from spinning endlessly if cursor isn't moved.
  • opt: Wait cursor would not stop until mouse was moved in viewer.
  • opt: Faster Explorer restart function.
  • opt: Control panel thumbnail count flicker when moving window.
  • opt: Removed low process priority option. It is now enforced for smoother operation on all computers.
  • opt: Removed "Changed file format enables / restart Explorer" requirement when enabling or disabling any file formats as it is no longer required.
  • Major update. Installer has changed. If you have troubles with auto-update download and install the new unified installer directly from
  • new: Unified 32 and 64 bit installer with prerequisite download.
  • new: Adobe InDesign .indd support (embedded thumbnails only).
  • new: Digital Moving Picture (.dpx) support.
  • new: Support for Maya16 IFF files.
  • new: Added eBook (.epub) support.
  • new: Added compressed Windows Metafile file support (.wmz, .emz).
  • new: DDS 3DC (ATI2) support.
  • new: Support for DDS palletized images. If there is a .pal or .act file saved along side the .dds file (ie. & img.act) then the palette will be used from that file.
  • new: DDS R32 and R16 support.
  • new: Added copy to clipboard command to view function via context menu or Ctrl+C.
  • new: Nearest/Smooth sampling option for thumbnails and viewing. Useful for examining textures.
  • new: Added sampling when scaled option (still needs to be made per extension).
  • new: Kubotek support (.ckd, .ckt).
  • fix: Bit depth of RAW files was reporting only one channel.
  • fix: Potential crashes with RAW & PSD parsing.
  • fix: SVG checks IE version. Uses internal (but flawed) SVG viewer if IE is not version 9 or newer.
  • fix: SVG now requires Internet Explorer 9 installed. Fixes open file dialog problems.
  • fix: Registration/deregistration on Win32 & x64 fixed and cleaned up. Appropriate 32/64 bit registry keys being used.
  • fix: Lockup when trying to view a file when in timed evaluation.
  • fix: "Apply to all formats" control panel option was missing on WinXP.
  • fix: SVG parser corrects malformed and missing attributes to fix some problematic images.
  • fix: Maya depth buffer enable/disable context menu.
  • fix: Maya IFF crash when reading multiple files.
  • fix: Archive page flipping skips unsupported images types.
  • fix: UAC elevation no longer required to change any settings.
  • fix: Image corruption possible generating some thumbnails.
  • fix: Plugin memory management could cause Explorer to crash. Slight redesign. Plugin users download the latest example plugin source to make changes.
  • fix: Prevent View image windows being closed prematurely.
  • fix: View windows get image override defaults such as transparency and size upon opening.
  • fix: potential crash unloading plugins.
  • fix: View function context menu works on any monitor.
  • fix: Auto-update supports unicode paths.
  • fix: Potential lockup with auto-update when running under UAC.
  • fix: Potential crash shutting down control panel when updating.
  • opt: View function shows dimensions in title bar.
  • opt: RAW files now use embedded thumbnails by default for performance reasons. Recommend existing users select this option for faster RAW file processing.
  • opt: Dutch translations.
  • opt: Improved control panel operation and support for Vista/Win7, and now appears in "Appearance and Themes" and "Programs" groups.
  • opt: Added system information to support query.
  • opt: Maya IFF performance.
  • opt: Optimized and improved Windows Metafile support (.wmf, .emf). Much faster and supports transparency and scale.
  • opt: Compound storage types optimized.
  • opt: Archive (ZIP, RAR etc.) image clarity enhancement.
  • opt: Interface graphics cleaned up and improved.
  • opt: All functions except for file type properties are now enabled on install for the installing user instead of the whole machine.
  • opt: SVG default transparency now disabled (faster thumbnail generation.)
  • opt: Cleaned up transparency icons.
  • opt: Tray icon doesn't show machine type for clarity.
  • opt: Better support for some image types (ie. DDS) image properties in Explorer / Find.
  • opt: Optimized memory usage on RAW images.
  • opt: Thumbnail generation performance improved.
  • opt: PSD performance increased up to around 30x.
  • opt: PSP performance increased.
  • opt: DDS performance increased with multi-core processors.
  • opt: Non-transparent thumbnails take less disk space.
  • opt: Apply to all file formats & Apply to all file extensions now work on the Enable switches.
  • opt: Grey out adornment items in control panel when file type is disabled.
  • new: Added support for .PspSelection files.
  • fix: Control panel failed to run on Windows XP - regression from v2.5.7.
  • BUG - Do NOT update to this version with Windows XP. The control panel will not work.
  • new: Maximum file length option added to prevent thumbnailing based on MB.
  • new: More PSP file formats supported (mask, brush, frame).
  • fix: Control panel didn't restart when asked for elevation.
  • fix: Changing thumbnail adornment requires elevation.
  • fix: Hide elevation shield when running as an elevated user or disabled UAC.
  • fix: Apply button recognizes active file format.
  • fix: Apply to all file formats & Apply to all file extensions were not saved correctly, and are now disabled by default to prevent unintended behaviour.
  • fix: Version error displayed incorrectly.
  • fix: Truncated "Apply to all..." text in control panel.
  • opt: Maximum size and maximum file length now default to 0 - meaning disable the feature.
  • opt: Icon graphic for update now button.
  • opt: EXR defaults to disabled transparency.
  • BUG - Do NOT update to this version with Windows XP. The control panel will not work.
  • new: Icon buttons for a more aesthetic look and less requirement for translations.
  • new: RAW .mef extension support added.
  • new: RAW support for Kodek jpeg based images.
  • new: RAW R3D support.
  • new: Support email form from control panel for easier and more consistent support queries.
  • fix: RAW format had some rendering problems.
  • fix: RAW uses automatic brightness adjustment to make images consistent. Useful with some camera models.
  • fix: Gamma settings apply per-extension instead of per-file type.
  • fix: Shareware message not being shown when required.
  • fix: Potential Explorer lock-up viewing some images.
  • fix: License dialog shown properly when evaluation expires.
  • fix: THM files were not handled correctly and could cause explorer to stall.
  • opt: Left clicking tray icon shows menu same as right click.
  • new: Start Menu entry with various tools for accessibility.
  • fix: 3ds Max support was not working on some machines.
  • fix: WMF support fixed. Regression from v2.5.0.
  • fix: Was able to open multiple instances of the Control Panel. Double clicking the tray icon will now bring the active instance to the top.
  • fix: Some SVG files drawn with scrollbars.
  • fix: Control panel no longer requires UAC to run. Will now request Administrator privileges if changing file association bindings.
  • fix: Maya .ma, .mb files causing Explorer crash.
  • fix: Potential mismatches with file extensions with differing cases.
  • fix: Disabled formats or extensions are correctly recognized by the thumbnail generator and ignored if required.
  • opt: Maya swatches optimized into more efficient packing.
  • opt: Reduced extents of Text images for clarity.
  • fix: HTML/EML/XML thumbnails could generate black bars.
  • fix: Removed threading locks causing random Explorer stalls.
  • fix: Buffer overrun/potential crash on grey scale CDR files.
  • fix: Maya IFF options were not sticking.
  • opt: SVG thumbnail rendering.
  • fix: Update check doesn't complete. Regression from v2.5.2. This will not fix the problem until installing 2.5.3. You may have to update manually from the website to get this version.
  • fix: Update closes tray application to allow it to be updated.
  • fix: Control panel UAC level doesn't force the need for an administrator. Non-admin users are now able to run it and change user settings.
  • fix: Corel Draw potential crashes and memory leaks.
  • fix: SVG files not displaying and causing Explorer to stall.
  • opt: Improved performance decoding PSD images.
  • new: RAR (under Archive file format) and CBZ (under Comic Book file format).
  • new: Windows Media Photo (JPEG XR) support through WIC system support. May require WIC installed on XP.
  • fix: Explorer sometimes stalling whilst generating thumbnails, particularly in folders with many images. *note* this can still occasionally happen. Press F5 in the Explorer window to allow it to continue if this happens. Still researching this problem.
  • fix: SVG errors fixed. Now uses Internet Explorer (version 9 required) to generate SVG.
  • fix: HTML resource leak.
  • fix: View scale represented correctly when scaling down whilst not in 'ScaleUp' mode.
  • fix: Stability with multiple instances running at once.
  • fix: .log extension removed from text format support. Regression in 2.5.1.
  • fix: XP asking for credentials when starting control panel was not required.
  • opt: Faster thumbnails, scaling and conversion algorithms.
  • opt: optimized HTML parsing.
  • opt: RAW performance improved.
  • opt: Archive formats don't generate internal thumbnails for disabled file types.
  • *bug* disable .log file extension under Text file format in the control panel as it causes issues. Will remove in next version.
  • new: Text & XML support.
  • fix: PES files were not functioning correctly.
  • fix: Temporary files occasionally created in incorrect place, or failed to create causing images not to thumbnail.
  • opt: Vector graphic based files (eg. SVG, PES) are now limited to 2048x2048 rendered bitmap size for performance and memory reasons.
  • opt: File types that don't support properties parse faster.
  • new: Thumbnail (.THM) support.
  • new: Refresh Explorer context menu from tray application.
  • new: Dune (.aai) format support.
  • new: Cals (.cal) format support.
  • new: MacPaint (.mac) format support.
  • new: Embroidery (.pes) format support.
  • fix: UAC: Control panel now requires user to accept elevation when starting to ensure settings are saved correctly.
  • fix: Memory leaks fixed.
  • fix: Registration context menu not opening registration dialog.
  • fix: Clear cache now uses the Windows 'Disk Cleanup' application to correctly clear the thumbnail cache.
  • fix: 'Apply to all extensions' option disabled when 'Enable Icon Overlays' disabled.
  • opt: More DDS formats supported.
  • opt: ZIP support enhanced.
  • opt: Added property support for MAX.
  • opt: Performance: Faster calculation and more efficient memory usage when getting file information and properties.
  • opt: View function updated with better support for options and threading.
  • opt: ImageMagick components updated to 6.7.1.
  • opt: EXR updated to 1.7.0.
  • opt: Restored transparency option to view context menu options.
  • opt: Was unable to move or resize view window whilst it recalculated an image.
  • opt: Tray app hover information is now only one line.
  • fix: Tray application not starting with Windows.
  • fix: Crash when Ghostscript not installed.
  • opt: Performance increase and memory savings when getting file information.
  • opt: No need to elevate UAC when installing a personal license.
  • fix: UAC problems saving settings and site licenses. Installing a license now requires accepting elevated privileges.
  • fix: User settings are saved correctly on site license machines.
  • new: EML support.
  • new: MHTML file support (under HTML file type).
  • new: View window maximizing and restore with double click.
  • new: Improved view function with all the usual context menu options, refresh after size, double click to maximize/restore & more.
  • fix: PSD crash with RLE encoded images. Regression from v2.4.0.
  • fix: Memory leaks.
  • fix: Timer problem, causing some files to not work.
  • fix: Corel 4bpp thumbnails crash.
  • fix: 4bpp bitmaps supported.
  • fix: Occasional crash and instability with multiple operations and when invoked through external programs.
  • fix: Multiple context menu entries under some situations.
  • fix: Gif was not respecting default transparency options.
  • opt: Quicker response in generating thumbs and bringing up context menus.
  • fix: New installs not generating thumbnails.
  • fix: Crash with .zip files on x86.
  • fix: .zip files showing black.
  • fix: Auto-update restarting Windows without prompting.
  • fix: Opening control panel from context menu would cause explorer to freeze.
  • fix: Unable to generate thumbnails with old licenses.
  • fix: Some race condition crashes with multiple explorer windows open.
  • opt: Performance enhancements to system file types.
  • opt: 16 bit BMP support.
  • fix: Crash after entering and leaving plugin dialog in control panel.
  • fix: Incorrect version reported in non-english 2.4.1.
  • fix: Licensing Single User license removes existing site license. Fixes regression in 2.4.0.
  • Licenses purchased from the release of this version can only be registered on v2.4.0 and beyond.
  • Old licenses still work with v2.4.0 and beyond.
  • new: 3ds max support (embedded thumbnail only).
  • new: Maya thumbnails generated from swatches if they exist.
  • new: Radiance (HDR) support.
  • new: CorelDraw .cdr support (embedded bitmap thumbnails only).
  • new: Photo CD support.
  • new: HTML support.
  • new: Tooltip help on all control panel items.
  • new: Tiered licensing model.
  • new: Gamma control on an image type basis (control panel).
  • new: Low process priority option.
  • new: Restart Explorer context menu in tray app.
  • new: System file types (JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF) now use WIC on Vista/Win7 or Ole (XP) to read when possible for usual system performance with MysticThumbs benefits.
  • new: System types are now enabled by default since they use system extractor to gather image.
  • new: Propagate site licenses across the network option when installing a new license.
  • fix: PSD decoder multithreaded problems. Causing memory leaks and potential crashes.
  • fix: Shareware reminder notices were blank.
  • fix: PSD color profiles were not being applied.
  • fix: Two context menu entries were being added in navigation pane.
  • fix: Memory leaks
  • fix: Archive zip and comic book crash under some circumstances.
  • fix: Regression in 2.3.6 - tray icon not restored after explorer restart.
  • fix: PSD and PSP multithreaded scheduling causing memory leaks.
  • fix: Tray application was not running on XP.
  • fix: File registration now backs up previous thumbnail provider and restores it when disabling a file type or uninstalling.
  • fix: Control panel crashing Explorer when asked for information by Windows.
  • fix: Removed option to remove tray application since it's required for many functions.
  • fix: Support for palletized bitmaps in image conversion.
  • fix: Interface search on XP could fail.
  • fix: Occasional MysticThumbs32.dll crash caused by incorrect interface handling.
  • fix: External search for delegates causing incorrect behaviour and occasional crash.
  • fix: Restarting Explorer on XP causing reload of startup programs.
  • fix: Component registration fault on XP, tray application not starting.
  • opt: Updated licence terms and conditions.
  • opt: Process now runs non-isolated to support non-stream file formats (HTML, MAX, Maya etc.)
  • opt: No de/re-register of file types when applying changes in control panel when none have been enabled or disabled.
  • opt: Updated JPEG-2000 support.
  • opt: Context menu handler is now much faster to load and execute, with less overhead.
  • opt: Improved image conversion performance.
  • opt: Faster floating point performance on some image types.
  • opt: Optimized RAW decoding performance.
  • opt: PSD ignore all channels beyond RGBA for performance increase. Uses only the first channel as an alpha/opacity mask.
  • opt: Improved update version information dialog.
  • opt: Dutch translations (Harry Stadman).
  • opt: Greek translations (Anthony at Diastasi Graphics).
  • fix: Crashes on some ZIP files.
  • fix: Transparent junk in non-transparent DDS images when using transparent/checkerboard.
  • opt: ZIP files view at 256x256 for optimal image quality.
  • opt: more error checking for bad images.
  • opt: Auto update installs automatically without user intervention.
  • When running this version as non-English the version will be reported incorrectly as 2.3.7
  • fix: Better DDS format support.
  • fix: Language problems, no text in context menu for some languages.
  • opt: Dutch translations thanks to Harry Stadman.
  • new: Crash error dump generation and reporting. This will enable fast turn around on bug reports.
  • new: Check for updates in control panel.
  • new: Automatic update check every day (requires tray icon application running).
  • fix: Language not set in control panel on startup.
  • opt: Dutch translations thanks to Harry Stadman.
  • new: Plugin support (alpha)
  • fix: RAW image rotations when using the View function.
  • fix: Image size and ratio adjustment when fitting large images on screen when using View function.
  • fix: Remove Register option from tray menu when licensed.
  • opt: View function recognizes DDS cube maps and sizes accordingly.
  • opt: Greek translations thanks to Anthony at Diastasi Graphics.
  • new: Google Sketchup .layout support.
  • new: Turn on/off file type overlay icon from control panel (Vista+)
  • new: Overhauled file icon overlay. You can now select a specific icon for each file type/extension from a .exe, .dll or .ico file, for example Photoshop.exe (Vista/Win7).
  • new: Thumbnail adornment option to select either drop shadow (default) or no border around thumbnails for each file type (Vista/Win7).
  • new: Updated translations, some may not be as accurate, feel free to contact the us with corrections.
  • new: Added ability to apply some options to all extensions of a file type.
  • new: Open control panel and register context menu items.
  • new: Option to delete thumbs.db files on network folders when refreshing thumbnails, to fix thumbnail locking bug in Vista/Win7. On by default.
  • new: Added a warning to clearing the thumbnail cache.
  • new: When enabling or disabling file types or extensions you are now given the option to restart Explorer for the changes to take effect.
  • fix: Buggy thumbnail cache clear: it now closes and restarts Explorer to prevent it locking the cache whilst clearing resulting in a corrupt cache.
  • fix: Crash when right clicking and opening some folders (eg. Start menu/Startup).
  • fix: Applying settings in control panel now refreshes the shell to update changes.
  • fix: Changed settings in control panel are recognized by each instance of the thumbnail provider.
  • fix: Install & Uninstall correctly spawning and shutting down the tray application.
  • fix: Install problem not enabling thumbnails for some file types properly.
  • fix: Fixed scale up context menu help not displaying.
  • fix: File extensions enable/disable not functioning correctly.
  • fix: Tray icon was not localized.
  • fix: Folder and thumbnail refreh on network drives.
  • fix: Thumbnails generated counter not updating under some conditions.
  • opt: Corrected context menu icon sizes.
  • opt: Control panel now remembers which file extensions are active for each file type after OK/Apply.
  • opt: Disable Archive / .ZIP file format by default, as it causes problems on some machines.
  • new: Explicitly disable "Always show icons, never thumbnails" Explorer option when MysticThumbs is loaded.
  • fix: Some PSD grayscale images did not show correctly.
  • opt: First install balloon icon changed to MT icon for clarity.
  • opt: Registry changes comparison fixed in control panel.
  • new: Speech bubble reminder on first install showing the system tray icon.
  • fix: Arvhive/.ZIP file format crash when no images are found. No images in ZIP now uses default icon.
  • fix: File type overlay sometimes drawn when it shouldn't be.
  • fix: System tray startup sometimes failed.
  • opt: Tray icon draws cleaner on remote desktop.
  • fix: PSD 'show embedded thumbnails when larger' would sometimes not work.
  • fix: Shareware reminder notice when evaluation expires.
  • opt: Added .tub, .psptube extensions to PSP file format.
  • fix: File locking bug - file locks were kept on files which caused them to be unmodifiable.
(Removed for file locking bug)

  • fix: unable to generate postscript thumbnails when running as x86 under x64
  • fix: Didn't generate thumbnails for some images that had color profiles when the image is already RGB
  • opt: Don't attempt to ping postscript images for dimensions and properties
(Removed for file locking bug)

  • fix: Memory leaks
  • fix: Kindmap registry corruption
  • fix: PSD file properties bug under certain circumstances
  • fix: PSP file lock to prevent potential crash on file delete
  • fix: ZIP file memory leak and crash under some conditions
  • opt: Dutch translations
  • opt: Unload optimization
  • opt: View memory optimizations
  • opt: Interface redesign to correct memory leaks

  • fix: IExtractImage interface supported on Vista/Win7 again to fix Bridge.
  • fix: Cleanup temp files on unload.

  • new: Image viewer that uses MysticThumbs to preview images. Select 'View' from the context menu.
  • new: Paint Shop Pro (.psp, .pspimage) support added, 8/24/32 bit support.
  • new: ZIP archive support added. MT finds images within ZIP archives and can flip through them with the context menu.
  • new: SVG format. Limited support, some files will not display, some will not display correctly.
  • new: CBZ page flipping added.
  • new: Enable / Disable context menu option in control panel.
  • new: Max Cache Size option. Not completely sure this doesn anything, or on which platforms.
  • fix: tray application displays version or *ERROR* if there is a problem.
  • fix: Possible install crash bug.
  • fix: Icons displaying in an extra column on context menu on some setups.
  • fix: resource leak with file icon overlays.
  • fix: XP thumbnail handler wasting resources in Vista / Win7.
  • fix: Cleans up temporary files when unloaded.
  • fix: Buffer overrun in some EXR files that would crash Explorer.
  • opt: Tweaked the overlay file type icon so it doesn't appear too large on small images.
  • opt: Increased default maximum image size from 4096 to 10000.
  • opt: Added error text to control panel when there is a problem with the install.
  • opt: Added icons to XP tray context menu.

  • new: Overlay file type icon onto thumbnail with size, placement and opacity options.
  • opt: Thumbnails generated information in control panel is updated in real time.
  • opt: Dutch translation update.
  • opt: French translation update.
  • opt: Notification tray icon working animation more visible.

  • fix: Rotation on embedded RAW thumbnails.
  • fix: Date taken on non-RAW files is represented with date created time.
  • opt: Dutch translation update.

  • new: Added .CBZ comic book support, displays first page encountered.
  • new: Added .RW2 camera RAW support.
  • fix: RAW white balance and image rotation support added.
  • fix: RAW edge case fixes and error handling.
  • opt: Refresh thumbnail works on 256 level to ensure immediate refresh of all sizes.

  • new: Support image rotation for RAW thumbnails.
  • fix: Some AI and PDF thumbnails not generated due to being CYMK format.
  • opt: Set thread priority to normal so thumbnails can be generated whilst other processes work.

  • new: Photoshop PSB format suport.
  • new: RAW camera support replaces DNG support. Most cameras supported.
  • new: EXIF RAW camera properties.
  • new: Performance enhancement - embedded thumbnail extraction options for PSD and RAW images in control panel and context menu. Now able to choose to ignore, always use or only use embedded thumbnails when they are larger then the requested thumbnail size.
  • opt: Version changed from X.XX to X.X.X to better represent build numbers.
  • opt: DLL waits for a second before unloading when context menus have been used. Work around for some machines crashing when using context menus.

  • new: x64 installer now installs x86 side-by-side dll. This enables x86 and legacy applications to use MysticThumbs.
  • new: Open/Save dialog boxes now work within 32 bit applications. This is a significant enhancement to MysticThumbs many users have been asking for.
  • new: Site and Corporate licenses now work through HKLM registry to enable easier installation and multiple users to share the same settings.
  • opt: Chinese translation update.

  • new: Re-introduced right click context menu on folder background due to context menu fix.
  • new: Image scale options in context menu.
  • fix: Correctly report to Explorer when the DLL can be unloaded.
  • fix: Right click on folders in navigation pane crashed Explorer due to DLL being unloaded whilst still in use.
  • fix: 32 bit BMP transparency, now checks for and ignores transparency when the alpha channel is empty.
  • fix: MysticThumbs control panel was being removed from the 'Appearance and Personalization' group after settings change.
  • opt: Cache icon bitmaps for performance improvement.
  • opt: Improved registry handling.
  • opt: Improved multiple selection - if all images share the same transparency or scale property that property is shown selected.
  • opt: File types are now picture and image property kinds for Windows Search handling. Were just picture.
  • opt: Added 'px' (pixels) to Image Size setting in control panel for clarity.
  • opt: Chinese simplified and traditional translations thanks to Yuan Wen Zhi.

  • fix: Win7/Vista - Explorer crash after right clicking on a window or desktop background.
  • opt: File size optimizations.
  • opt: German translations.
  • opt: Chinese translations.

  • new: Win7/Vista - Refresh and transparency context options operate recursively on folders. *CAUTION* refreshing very large folder trees can take a long time and cause instability - this will become an option in future versions.
  • new: Win7/Vista - Refreshing folder icons when thumbnails are generated on their content.
  • fix: v2.15 install on XP was broken.
  • fix: German translations.
  • opt: Updated DNG converter to v1.3 SDK

  • new: Win7/Vista - Refresh thumbnail updates parent folder icons.
  • fix: Win7/Vista - Refresh thumbnail no longer touches file modification date.
  • opt: Updates to Swedish translations.

  • new: OpenEXR support added.
  • new: Language selection in control panel.
  • fix: Translation fixes and improvements for several languages.
  • opt: Cleanup and improvements to control panel.

  • fix: Broken file registration in v2.12.
  • fix: Some PSD images not making thumbnails.
  • opt: Optimized file ping for some file types to prevent excessive delay in finding properties.

  • new: Added support for WMF and EMF metafile formats.
  • fix: Bindings to default Windows file types restored when enabling/disabling in the control panel.
  • fix: Fixed memory leak with registry lookups.
  • fix: Context menu no longer acts on files that are not enabled in the control panel.
  • fix: Ratings and tags corrected for Windows default file types.
  • opt: Optimizations to increase performance of context menu.
  • opt: Cleans up registry for files with no active overrides.
  • opt: Control panel no longer applies changes on exit if nothing has changed.

  • fix: Edge case for metadata property bindings.

  • fix: Metadata property bindings (tags, star ratings etc.) to system image types (jpeg, tiff, png, gif).
  • opt: Removed process priority option since it could cause system instability.

  • fix: Potential lockup when applying changes in control panel.
  • fix: for corrupt registry entries causing thumbnails to not be generated.
  • new: Scale Up option for each file type. Scales up thumbnails to the target thumbnail size.
  • new: SKM Google SketchUp materials support.

  • fix: context menu options without shareware notice.
  • fix: notification tray icon re-added after Explorer restarts.

  • new: support for SKB files (Sketchup backup).
  • fix: context menu crash on non-English systems.
  • fix: potential install error.
  • fix: some missing language strings.
  • opt: memory allocation performance.

  • opt: Sets number of image processing threads based on CPU core count.

  • fix: images displaying incorrectly with transparency disabled.
  • fix: Removed maximum image size limit of 4096.

  • fix: Installer not finishing.

  • opt: A few random patches.

  • fix: problems with PDF files.
  • fix: some install problems.

  • new: Control panel applet to control file types and options.
  • new: More image formats supported including: DNG, Maya IFF, Google Sketchup SKP, PDF, AI, EPS, PS if Ghostscript installed.
  • new: Specific file type options such as alpha channel / opacity display.
  • new: Thumbnail cache eraser.
  • new: OpenMP support for multi-core CPU conversion performance.
  • new: ICC colorspace profile support.
  • opt: Optimizations and extensions to standard Windows supported images such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF & TIFF.