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 Support Request (older versions)


 In the most recent versions of MysticThumbs, the support request button opens the online web page and automatically fills in details about your license and product version.




The support query page can be used to quickly gather important information about any issues or queries you have and send them automatically by email.


Ensure you have uninstalled any possibly conflicting software, restarted Windows and troubleshooted locally before sending a support query.


Please enter as much detailed information as possible in relation to your query if it is of a problematic nature to help us to determine the nature of your issue. For example, if you are having trouble with a particular file type, say .psd, then mention that in the "Problematic Filetypes" box.


Mention also any other software you may have installed that might be causing a conflict.


Support queries are usually answered within 48 hours but usually sooner.


 Screenshot - Take a screenshot of the current screen and attach. You can take multiple screenshots if required. Be sure you have any relevant windows visible before pressing this button.


 Attach files - Opens a file dialog box where you can select any number of files to attach. You can multiple select files. Current attachments are shown on the bottom right.


 Clear attachments - Clear all attachments if you have attached anythying you don't want sent.


 Send email - Attempts to send the email and all attachments. You may be asked by Windows to accept the email as a security measure.


 Cancel - Cancel and closes the dialog.


 Send support request manually - If you don't use Outlook or another email application that supports the automatic emailing method used, you can use this dialog to copy / paste all of the information in this dialog manually to your email client.


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