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The system user language is used by default, however you can force a supported language if desired.


Current supported languages are:


          Arabic, Chinese Simpled, Chinese Tradinal, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian.


The closest national flag for your area is chosen to represent the selected language.



  Help source

Allows you to choose the source for the help to be either local or on-line.


 Choose local help. This help is installed with the version of MysticThumbs you have installed. Does not require an internet connection.

 Choose on-line help. Requires an internet connection and may be updated to reflect more recent changes than your installed version. (Disabled if no internet connection is available.)




 Clear Thumbnail Cache

Clears the thumbnail and/or the icon cache so all thumbnails will be recreated if their file type and extensions are enabled.


This can be useful if you have disabled any file formats or extensions and want those files to be restored to icons instead of thumbnails for example.


MysticThumbs launches the "Disk Cleanup" Windows utility asynchronously to perform the thumbnail cache clear to perform the



Also see: Clear Cache




Custom file format plugins are managed with the plugin dialog.



 Support Request

Use this to open the support query web page in your favorite browser on the home page where you can form a support request or ask for feature enhancements.

Disabled if no internet connection is available.



 Update Now

Checks for updates immediately and informs you if there is any new version available for download.

Disabled if no internet connection is available.



 Proxy Settings

Set proxy settings for all internet communication, including checking for updates, registering license keys.



 License Registration

You can view, enter and change your license and registration with the registration dialog.


 Registered license installed with full support and product maintenance.

 License maintenance expired or Evaluation period 14 days.

 Current version is beyond maintenance date. Install a version built before license support expired, or renew your license to extend your product maintenance another year and enjoy new features, optimisations and bug fixes.



 Undo Unsaved

When there are unsaved changes you can undo back to the last applied state. This allows you to make many changes at once and discard them if you made a mistake.

 Reset to Default

Hold the Control (Ctrl) () key whilst the control panel has focus and the reset icon will appear in place of the undo icon.

Pressing with the Ctrl key held will load the default state for all file format settings. Apply is still required to save the change back to the system.

 Note that reset to default only affects non-global settings, in other words file format and extension settings and enables.




All currently unsaved changes are saved. Changes saved and applied in the control panel take effect to thumbnails generated after applying the changes only, not to existing thumbnails that are in the Explorer cache.

 Apply saves current changes but does not exit. Use Apply to manifest changes in an atomic fashion, such as making changes to a number of options of one file format at a time.


 Hold the Control (Ctrl) () key and the apply icon changes to an apply to open windows icon. This applies all changes and also refreshes all open Explorer windows to reflect the changes made.



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