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 Scale Options




Scale options


 Actual Size

If this option is enabled, all thumbnails will be made at the lesser of the size of the requested thumbnail size and the actual size of the image. Very small images may appear smaller than the tiled thumbnails in Explorer.


 Can be useful to show images at their respective aspect ratios.


 Scale To Fit

If this option is enabled, an image smaller than the requested thumbnail size (say 256x256 for Extra Large Icons mode on Vista or Windows 7) will be scaled up to that size.

In other words, if the image is 96x48 pixels it will be scaled up to 256x128 pixels when Explorer is asking for a thumbnail of the size 256 pixels.


 This can be useful to keep a consistent thumbnail size regardless of how small images are, or when wanting to have embedded thumbnails up-scaled to the requested thumbnail size. Very useful for embedded thumbnails that are known to be small (3ds / max).


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