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Global Options





 Disabled           Enabled


When enabled (default) pressing the Space Bar in an active Explorer window will bring up QuickView for the currently active and supported image.



Always transparent on Desktop


 Disabled           Enabled


When enabled, thumbnails of files on the desktop will always use transparency as if the Transparent option was enabled. If the file has a specific transparency override that is used instead.


This is a useful option if you would like desktop thumbnails with transparency to show the desktop wallpaper behind them.



Transparency Checkerboard Anchor and Scale


When using checkerboards for transparency background, or using the Full Size Thumbnail option, this option allows you to anchor the origin of the checkerboard and/or image in the thumbnail to the center or any corner or side of the thumbnail.


On touch devices, repeatedly clicking the button will toggle through the anchor points. Right clicking will toggle backwards.


Clicking on the current anchor position will change the scale of the checkerboard (desktop mode only).


 Checkerboard size small.

 Checkerboard size medium

 Checkerboard size large


Checkerboard background for transparent thumbnails generated when refreshed after this change will be sized accordingly in relation to each other so you can use the checkerboard in File Explorer as a reference scale.

 After changing the checkerboard size, nothing will change in Explorer until thumbnails are refreshed. If you want to apply the change to all files you can either clear the thumbnail cache or apply changes to open File Explorer windows after making a file type specific change.



Context menu


 Disabled           Enabled


Enables or disables the MysticThumbs context menu items when right clicking on folders or supported files in file Explorer and Open/Save dialog boxes, allowing you to set file specific options and other tasks.



Recurse folders when refreshing


 Disabled           Enabled


If you use the context menu to override or refresh the contents of a folder, enabling this option will recurse into all sub-folders and apply the action to the contents of them also. If disabled only the contents of the folder you apply the action to will be refreshed.



Icon overlays


 Disabled           Enabled


When enabled, all files will have an the appropriate icon overlay if associated with an application or if a supported file type has had an overlay icon override enabled.


When disabled no file will have an icon overlay system wide, regardless of if associated with MysticThumbs or not.



Show notification icon


 Disabled           Enabled


Shows or hides the notification icon (system tray). Note that the MysticThumbs tray application still runs in the background to handle automatic updates and QuickView functionality so this option merely allows you to remove the icon if you don't want it visible.



Check for updates periodically


 Disabled           Daily          Weekly          Monthly          Beta


When enabled, they notification/tray application checks for available updates every day and notifies you when they become available. If an update is available you will receive a notification telling you what the latest version is, what version you are currently using, and shows you what changes have been made since your installed version. You have the option to update or ignore.


If you enable the Beta check mode, you will also be notified when new beta versions become available. The beta check is performed daily.

Beta builds may be unstable or have incomplete functions but they allow you to test in development changes and fixes and optionally report any issues to the developer.


 Both the control panel and the tray application require Internet access through any installed firewall to be effective in checking for updates. You may be asked to open your firewall to allow these applications to communicate with the update server. All communication is secure and no confidential information is sent.


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