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 Apply to options




The Apply to options are useful for changing individual or multiple settings to all file formats or to all extensions of a file format without having to individually select each format.


Subsequent changes are applied to other formats and or extensions based on the state of this button.

For example, if you enable Apply to all formats and then select Checkerboard transparency, after applying your changes all file formats will now use Checkerboard transparency.


Changes are not saved or applied to the system until Apply  is pressed.





 Apply to current extension


Changes are made to the selected file extension only.



 Apply to file format


Change all file extensions for the currently selected file format. For example, if JPEG file type is selected, .jpg and .jpeg will both receive the change.


 This is the recommended state to leave this option in as the changes you make to one file extension of a multi-extension format will apply to all of those extensions. It is rare to want to change an option for one extension only.



 Apply to all


Changes are made on all file types and extensions - everything.

  A warning icon is displayed to warn that changes will apply to all file formats and extensions.


 Be careful using this mode. Undesirable changes can be easily made such as assigning an icon to every file format, which is obviously unlikely to be the desired result, and there is no undo.

 This option is very useful for resetting specific options to everything, such as removing all assigned overridden icons, or enabling or disabling shadow adornments to thumbnails.


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