Control Panel window opens off screen or is not visible

  • Applies to some versions before v4.6.2.

The control panel usually opens at the last open position and contains logic to prevent it from opening off the screen(s), however in some unusual situations this used to occur.

You will know that the window is off screen if you see the task with icon in the task bar but you can not see the window.

Follow these steps to fix:

  • If your license supports v4.6.2 or later, update to the latest version your license supports.
  • Close the control panel if it is open by right clicking on it's task bar icon and choosing Close Window.
  • Download and run this registry script ResetControlPanelWindow.bat to reset the control panel window position. Note: this will require administrator privileges.
  • Reopen the control panel. It should open centered on the primary monitor.