Plinko - a Unity tech prototype
I made this prototype to test instanced rendering and a dynamic sound collision system I was working on and to see how things would run using the WebGL player.
It's somewhat soothing to watch it go through the motions, and you can root for your country.
note: this is not a game - it is an amusement.

This is a simple project I made that randomly drops balls representing all the countries of the Earth and lets them filter out until none are left.
The balls are dropped from a random position at the top of the field and fall through the field colliding with whatever they touch until they drop onto a pad at the bottom.
The last ball remaining at the end of a 'round' is eliminated for the next run.
This is repeated until the last run of 2 balls where the last ball (country) standing is the winner.
'Play' to see if your country wins the 'game'!

Balls that hit a red pad are discarded.
Balls that hit a green pad are kept and dropped again.
Last country remaining at the end of the final round wins.

Press P to toggle pausing.
Press Space to single step a frame whilst paused.

Click the page once to activate sounds.