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Enable only a few file types

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Enable only a few file types


If you want to enable only a few file types and leave the rest up to the system or other already installed thumbnail providers, use this technique.


1.In the Control Panel, select All File Formats  mode using the Apply To Button. You should see " All Formats".

2.Set Thumbnail and Small Icons to Disabled. They should look like  and  respectively.

3.Select File Format mode using the Apply To Button. The apply to button should look like this .

4.Choose a file format you want to enable using the File Format combo box.

5.Enable the file format thumbnails and optionally the small icons using the Thumbnail and Small Icons buttons as in step 2. They should look like  and  respectively when enabled.

6.Optionally repeat steps 3 to 5 for other file formats you want enabled.

7.Press the Apply button  to apply the changes to the system.

8.Optionally Clear the Thumbnail Cache  in order to reflect these changes fully to the system.

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