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Support Request

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 Support Request


The support query page can be used to quickly gather important information about any issues or queries you have and send them automatically by email.


As opposed to using the online support request page manually, using this function will automatically fill in relevant information in the support form such as the application, version and your license details including your name, email address and license expiry date ready for you to file only the important information.


Please enter as much detailed information as possible in relation to your query if it is of a problematic nature to help us to determine the nature of your issue. For example, if you are having trouble with a particular file type, say .psd, then mention that information. Also please take screen shots of the control panel (please switch to English mode first) if the request is a file type related problem so we can see the configuration.


Mention also any other software you may have installed that might be causing a conflict.


Support queries are usually answered within 48 hours but usually sooner.


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